QPL Sheet — Material B 15″ x 20″ — 0.062 thick


Silver-plated, aluminum-filled silicone.

ThicknessSheet SizeTolerance
0.06215W x 20L+/- .004

25 sheets or less ship within two business days, remainder within two weeks.

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Silver-plated, aluminum-filled silicone capable of 100 dB of plane wave shielding effectiveness at 10 GHz with a continuous use temperature range of -55°C to +160°C.

ISO Certificate

Safety Data Sheet

Item No.InspectionUnitsToleranceMaterial     
1.Operating Temperature Range°CN/A-55
2.Specific GravitySp gr±13%2.0
3.HardnessShore A Units±765
4.Compression / DeflectionPercentMin3.5
5.Tensile StrengthPounds per Square InchMin200
7.Compression SetPercentMax32
8.Tear StrengthPounds per InchMin30
9.Volume Resistivity as ReceivedOhm-cmMax0.008
10.Sheilding Effectiveness dBMin100
20 MHz - 10 GHz (E-Field)
11.Electrical Stability DuringOhm-cmMax0.012
During Vibration After0.008
12.Electrical Stability After BreakOhm-cmMax0.015
13.Low Temperature Flex TR10°CMax-55
TR70 -55
14.Volume ResistivityOhm-cmMax0.01
(after life testing)
15.Volume Resistivity AfterOhm-cmMax0.01
Electromagnetic Pulse
(EMP) exposure 2/
16.Fluid Immersion 3/ 4/­--­--N/S
1/ Tolerance on material G only is ±0.75 sp gr 23/23 °C
2/ 0.9 Ka per linear inch of perimeter
3/ 4/ Maximum volume swell of 25 percent and maximum change in hardness of 15 shore A units
N/S = Non survivable; SUR = Survivable

Additional information

Weight 1.77 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 0.062 in


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