The gaskets furnished under this specification shall be a product which has been tested, and has passed the qualification inspection specified herein, and has been listed on or approved for listing on the applicable Qualified Products List (QPL).

DLA Land and Maritime – VQ
Supplemental Information Sheet for Electronic QPL-83528
Date: 9/14/2015
Specification: MIL-DTL-83528

Specification Details:
Title: Gasketing Material, Conductive, Shielding Gasket, Electronic, Elastomer, EMI/RFI
Federal Supply Class (FSC): 5999
Conventional: Yes
Specification contains quality assurance program: No
MIL-STD-790 Established Reliability & High Reliability: No
MIL-STD-690 Failure Rate Sampling Plans & Procedures: No
Weibull Graded: No
Specification contains space level reliability requirements: No
Specification allows test optimization: No
Office of Primary Involvement: Hybrid Devices Branch, DLA Land and Maritime – VQH

Contact Information:
Office of Primary Involvement: Hybrid Devices Branch, DLA Land and Maritime – VQH
Primary Qualifying Activity Contact: 614-692-0504, e-mail:
Secondary Qualifying Activity Contact: 614-692-0594, e-mail:


Part Configuration
Military DesignatorGeneral SpecificationSpecification Sheet NumberMaterial TypeDash Number
Government DesignationManufacturer's Designation
or Type Number
Test Qualification Reference

C- (thru)

M83528/004A- (001 thru 036)806 Series83528-238-89; 83528-3081-11
M83528/004B- (001 thru 036)805 Series
M83528/004C- (001 thru 036)816 Series
M83528/004D- (001 thru 036)815 Series
M83528/004E- (001 thru 036)808 Series
M83528/004F- (001 thru 036)818 Series
M83528/004H- (001 thru 036)808 Series
M83528/004K- (001 thru 036)806 Series
M83528/004L- (001 thru 036)804 Series
M83528/004M- (001 thru 036)803 Series

Manufacturer: Ja-Bar Silicone Corp. (CAGE Code: 27565)
Location: 252 Brighton Avenue, Andover, NJ 07821-1249, US